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Fall Cleanup Leaf Collection by Rumpke Information

For anything involving only leaves, you can place it in a paper bag and place it along with your weekly trash.

Anything bigger than leaves, such as branches, you must first call Rumpke and request the service. Rumpke will give them guidelines on how to prepare the branches so personnel can pick it up. The branches would still be picked up on weekly trash day.

The guideline from Rumpke is as follows:

Loose yard waste such as grass or leaves should be in containers that have lids or in bags that are closed to prevent blowing. Sticks and branches may be tied into bundles of no more than 4’ lengths and 2’ in diameter.  No tape, plastic rope or metal wire may be used to bundle.  Branches with stickers, spines or other hazards must be placed in bags or cans to avoid injuring collections personnel. Branches must be no thicker than 6” in diameter.

Rumpke would still like Village residents to call (1-800-828-8171) before placing any yard waste bigger than leaves outside with their trash.