Village of Lincoln Heights Elected Officials

Mayor Ruby Kinsey-Mumphrey
Vice Mayor Jeannie Stinson 
 Council member Linda Childs-Jeter (Safety Committee Chair)
 Council member Kathy Goodwin-Williams (Economic Development Committee Chair)

Council member Phyllis Baber (Recreation Committee Chair)
Council member Laverne Mitchell (Finance Committee Chair)
Council member Daronce Daniels (Law Committee Chair)

Regular Council Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 7:30 PM. All meetings are recorded and open to the public. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Clerk of Council. 513.733.5900,  ext 4

Prior to the adoption of the Charter in 1993, Lincoln Heights had a Strong Mayor who was employed full-time for the village. Since 1993, Lincoln Heights has a Council-Manager form of government. This means council appoints a Manager to work full-time for the village and run the day-to-day operations for council. Her office responds to complaints, service requests, and any other issues pertaining to the administration of the village. Although the form of government has changed, the managers office and the mayor's office works together to see that the village progresses.

"The Mayor shall preside at Council meetings and shall have no power of veto. He/she is obligated to sign all legislation passed by Council. He/she shall be the ceremonial and representative head of the Municipality, but shall exercise no administrative power except as otherwise provided in the Charter. He/she shall be recognized as the official head of the Municipality for military purposes and by the Courts for the purposes of serving civil process." (Section 2.06 of Charter)

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